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The Red Hibiscus Foundation is committed to helping alleviate the impacts of disease and disability in the Pacific through providing innovative technologies and specialty healthcare.

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Upcoming 2020 Projects to be Announced Shortly

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Where We Are Working

          Current Projects

According to the World Health Organization, over 360 million people in the world suffer from hearing loss, with the highest prevalence of hearing loss affecting the Pacific and Asian regions. In an effort to prevent disabling hearing loss in the Pacific, we are teaming up with Ministries of Health in the Pacific to alleviate the burden of hearing disability through providing audiology diagnosis and intervention services, one island at a time.

Pacific Hearing Health Project

In many Pacific Island nations, advanced imaging modalities are unavailable, particularly on rural, isolated outer islands. In an effort to improve quality of medical care delivery in the Pacific, we are working to train medical providers in the Pacific to point of care ultrasound to both diagnose and disposition patients for a variety of chief complaints, allowing for timely access to care by specialists.

Pacific Point of Care Ultrasound Project

Pacific All-Terrain Wheelchair Project

Physical disability caused by trauma, amputation, and congenital causes are abundant in the Pacific Islands. We are providing heavy-duty, all-terrain wheelchairs to people with disabilities and homebound patients living in the Republic of Palau and the Cook Islands. These wheelchairs are able to traverse all types of terrain and are easy to maintain as they are composed of parts that can be easily replaced, even in low-resource settings. The long-term goal is to manufacture these wheelchairs on-island to create a regional source of durable medical equipment, providing skilled training to the local population.

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