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Is to improve global health through sustainable and collaborative projects in under-resourced areas. 


Inspired by the red hibiscus flower, which is found in abundance in the tropics and a symbol of love, healing, and growth around the world, we aim to embody these values as we work to bring good health and growth to those we serve.


We work to provide comprehensive medical, dental, audiological, and preventative health care in underserved areas around the world to improve quality of life of those we work with. We are focused on providing sustainable interventions that will continue to improve the areas we work in, from education and healthcare to providing the supplies and skills that will benefit generations to come.


All of our missions and clinics are staffed by volunteers who pay all of their own expenses.


At the Red Hibiscus Foundation, we believe that equal access to quality healthcare is a basic human right and are doing everything we can to achieve this goal.


We are a California-based 501(c)(3) approved global health non-profit organization established in 2015. 





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