Hearing Health Clinic

7% of the world's population is hearing impaired, with 30 million people a year requiring hearing aids. Hearing loss disproportionately impacts the Pacific Islands. Through this clinic, our team will provide diagnostic and interventional audiology services and hearing aids.


Who: Audiologists, Audiometrists


When: TBA


Where: TBA


Prosthetic Clinic

Worldwide, amputees receive very little attention and following amputation, survival and quality of life greatly decreases. Complications from diabetes and traumatic incidents see an increasing number of people around the world becoming amputees. With no clinics located in the Western Pacific, there is virtually no access to prosthetic limbs. This team will fit, fabricate and deliver prostethics. Additionally, wound care specialists will work to prevent the progression of diabetic foot ulcers.


Who: Podiatrists, Prosthetists, Physical Therapists, Orthopedists, Vascular Surgeons, Public Health Educators


When: TBA


Where: TBA

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