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Teaming up with the Arizona-Sonora Border Project (ARSOBO), which makes all-terrain wheelchairs, we are working to bring these wheelchairs to the homebound populations we serve, and for every wheelchair we provide in the Pacific from ARSOBO, someone in Mexico will also be able to helped to afford a wheelchair, prosthetic, or hearing aid and solar powered recharger.

Dental Clinic 

Poor oral health can be potentially life threatening. Our team provides dental health care in an underserved region to prevent dental caries, absesses, and improve general oral health. 


Who: Oral surgeon, dentists


When: TBA

Where: TBA

Women's Health Clinic 

Maternal and child health is vital in every country. Our team of women's health specialists works to provide OB/GYN services, STI prevention, and gynecologic surgery. 


Who: Ob/Gyn Physicians, Nurses, Anthesthiologists, Public Health Educators


When: TBA


Where: TBA

Eye Clinic

The progression of diabetic retinopathies and other eye conditions plague a large number of people with visual disability every year. Our teams work to provide opthalmology and optometry services, treating everything from glaucoma to myopia.


Who: Optometrists, Opthalmologists


When: TBA


Where: TBA


Prosthetic Clinic

Complications from diabetes and traumatic incidents see an increasing number of people in Oceania becoming amputees. With no clinics located in the Western Pacific, there is virtually no access to prosthetic limbs. This team will fit, fabricate and deliver prostethics. Additionally, wound care specialists will be available to prevent the progression of diabetic foot ulcer.


Who: Podiatrists, Prosthetists, Physical Therapists, Orthopedists, Vascular Surgeons, Public Health Educators


When: TBA


Where: TBA






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