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Our (brief) history


Thank you for visiting our website. I was inspired to start this organization after my experience while working with the Republic of Palau Ministry of Health. I was fortunate to work with excellent public health specialists, compassionate physicians, and to live among wonderful, friendly people, like my friend Sato (pictured left) whose positive attitude and strength is unparalleled. The more I experienced, the more motivated I was to help improve health problems and disparities I saw everyday in the clinic and read in charts.

Upon my return home, I recruited a volunteer force of amazing professionals with different backgrounds and experiences to create the Red Hibiscus Foundation with the simple goal of serving the underserved through providing high quality care in medically under-resourced areas.


We are committed to working through collaboration to provide sustainable and innovative interventions. 100% of donations received go towards providing care and other programs. With your support, we hope to continue to change the lives of those facing disease and disability not only in the Pacific, but across the world. 


Thank you,


Rom Rahimian, M.D., M.P.H.


Red Hibiscus Foundation

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